How much do custom designs cost?

The price of each new creation depends on many factors. These factors will be thoroughly discussed prior to starting each project. The price of every Ellen Wise Couture garment reflects several factors that differentiate them from ready-to-wear brands. Ethical and quality manufacture are the primary factors that differentiate our process from Ready to Wear  (otherwise known as Pret-a-Porter. Ready to wear merchandise, even at the luxury level, is typically  manufactured in factories where there is little, if any, hand craftsmanship and automated systems are typically used. Ready to wear factories are located where wages and working conditions are  subpar. Even luxury ready to wear may not be ethically made. 


Ellen Wise Couture garments are made entirely in California by highly trained haute couture craftsman. Each garment contains significantly more hand work than machine stitching. Each garment is made from start to finish by the same couturiere.


Custom Ellen Wise Couture orders are more expensive than collection designs, primarily because the custom garment is a new, one-of-a-kind design. The custom order is unique, designed exclusively for the client. It is an utterly  new design, created on a customized dress for that accurately represents the client’s figure.  It is designed in collaboration with the client, and may involve several fittings before the design is finalized. All of this design work is done exclusively with Ellen Wise.

How long will my order take?

The time required from initial consultation to garment completion is dependent on several factors. Complexity of the garment design, and client availability are the two most significant factors. The time and scheduling will be discussed before the project is agreed upon. Depending on their complexity and the client's availability for fittings, new designs will take at least 4 weeks, and as long as 3 months.


What if I don't live near the studio?

If you're located outside of the Bay Area, we encourage you to set up an initial phone consultation during which we'll go over the type of custom piece your looking for and your desired timeline. For a Custom Couture design, at least two in-person fittings must be arranged.  If possible, it is preferable to select a design from a Collection, purchase it as “made-to-measure.”  We will need your precise measurements and a deposit before any cutting can begin.


As all of our pieces are made to order, we do not accept returns. However, customer satisfaction is our utmost concern. We make every effort to achieve excellent fit at no cost to the buyer, and as efficiently as possible.


Shipping is free, including exchanges. Contact us for Expedited shipping fees.

Ready to start designing your custom piece? Fill out our contact form and we'll reach as soon as possible. 

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