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The Custom Experience


From initial consultation to beautiful completion, the Ellen Wise experience provides a front row seat to each step of the design and fabrication process. 

The custom wedding dress process ensures that every garment is designed and made to each client’s individual style and unique form. This means that you are always part of the creative process and your garment fits and flatters you to a T. 

Step 1: Initial Consultation


We will discuss your style and vision, details about your wedding day or other event, and find your perfect silhouette. If the initial consultation is virtual, we will guide you through step-by-step instructions for taking accurate measurements yourself. If the consultation is In person, we will take your measurements and teach you to check them yourself. At this point we can begin to bring your dream gown to life. 

Step 2: Review Sketches & Swatches 


Ellen will create basic sketches of your potential garment and together, we will review the design and make adjustments until we have found the design that defines your vision. You will also receive swatches of the silks, laces, embellishments or other materials of interest.  

Gown Sketch
Lace Sample.jpeg
Beaded Lace.jpeg

Step 3: Initial Fitting


The foundation of bespoke design is perfect fit.  Our virtual/remote fitting process is as individual and deeply personalized as our atelier experience.  We will send you a made-to-measure toile (a muslin prototype) of the internal structure of your dress or gown. Using video chat we will perform a detailed examination of the toile’s fit and design, making exacting notes adjustments and changes. With the perfected toile in hand, we begin the construction of the final garment.

Step 4: Construction & Refinement 


Next, we get to work bringing your garment to life by hand in our San Francisco Bay Area atelier. We will check-in with you throughout the process to ensure everything is just as you like. 

Wedding Giown Construction 2.jpeg
Wedding Giown Construction 1.jpeg

Step 5: Delivery


If we have been working remotely,  we’ll send you your custom, hand-made garment, made to your precise measurements and specifications.  When you receive it, we'll have another virtual meeting to review the fit and make sure everything is perfect.  If  you find that any refinements are needed, simply send it back to us and we'll make sure it's perfect.  Of course, if we have been working in person, we'll take care of refinements in the traditional manner.

Isabella Gown in studio front.jpeg
Isabella Gown in studio rear.jpeg
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